Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities



This an estimated schedule. 

We can guarantee that this schedule will not be correct!

  • Braemar - Braemar stone put from a standing position (Men: 22lbs, Women 12lbs, SHG 12lbs)
  • Open - Open stone, basically shot put (Men: 16lbs, Women 8lbs, SHG 8lbs)
  • HWFD - Heavy weight for distance (Men 56lbs or 4 stones, Women 28 lbs or 2 stones)
  • LWFD - Light weight for distance (Men 28 lbs or 2 stones, Women 14lbs or 1 stone, SHG 14lbs or 1 stone)
  • H Hammer - Heavy Hammer (Men 22lbs, Women 16lbs )
  • L Hammer - Light Hammer (Men 16lbs, Women 12lbs, SHG 9lbs)
  • Sheaf - Sheaf Toss simulates the throwing of a sheaf (bundle) of wheat with hay fork into a loft (Men 16lbs, Women 10 lbs )
  • Caber - Caber toss, the flipping a pole end over end after picking it in a most awkward way.
  • WOB - weight over bar is were the participant toss a 56 lb weight (28lb weight for women) over your head to clear a bar.


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