Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities



Clans and Heritage

Find out about the proud Celtic heritage by visiting the colorful tents and exhibits on Clan Row, our gathering place for Celtic societies.

Clan Row is the ideal place to research family roots or just learn more about the fascinating history of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and other Celtic countries. Dont forget to catch the colorful parade of tartans, which recreates an old ritual of respect and allegiance. Everyone with a connection to a clan or association is invited to march in the parade under its banner.

You'll also find more information and genealogy tips in the Education area. Youre invited to attend special workshops on Celtic language, customs, music and dance, or see special exhibits of Celtic animals. And at various times throughout the day, look for exciting Irish, Scottish, and other Celtic dance performances. 

 For more information about the ancestral lands of the Scottish clans, check out this map.  For information regarding battles fought within Scotland over the centuries, please view the following Clan Battlefield Map of Scotland . We thank our friends at Locharron for providing these historical and educational maps.  These are defintetely maps that you want to view.

The following is a list of clans currently planning on attending our 2017 festival:


Interactive Clan Map of Scotland

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